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In 2020, Vietnam reaches to advanced technologies in fish biology (--)

(Vasep, 06/07/2007)
With the aim of enhancing application of biological technology in national industrialization and modernisation, on 29th June, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung enacted Decision 97/2007/QD-Ttg for approving “The project on biological technology development and application in fishery from 2007-2020”.
Main targets of the project: creat high productivity and quality species, new pro-biotics using in aquaculture development; research and apply post-harvest technology, biological technology in processing fishery in order to improve the quality and competitiveness of Vietnam seafood products.
Until 2020, Vietnam’s technologies in fish biology will have reached the same level as of developed countries in South East Asia. Besides, a network of small and medium enterprises applying advanced biological technology in fish farming, disease prevention and treatment and processing will be established.
The network will meet fully the demand of high quality and free - disease fries for various fish farming areas.

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