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More 2 seafood enterprises listed on Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (--)

In third quarter, there will be more 2 seafood enterprises listing on Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange: Nam Viet Corporation (Navico) and Vinh Hoan Corporation. They are two big processors and exporters of pangasius (tra, basa). Navico is considered as the top enterprise in the country in terms of chaptered capital, profits and processing capacity.

Among 10 top exporters of pangasius last year, Navico ranked the first with sales of over US$111 million, Vinh Hoan Corp, ranked the third with more than US$ 53 million. Navico accounts for about 20.7% of pangasius export values of the country; Vinh Hoan accounts for 5.4%.

While Navico has advantange in EU, Vinh Hoan gains competitive edge in the United States due to its enjoying the lowest rate of import tax of 6.48%, whereas others subject to rates of 30-40%.

Vinh Hoan has opened a branch in the United States in order to expand its distribution network and expected to establish a subsidiary company in this country as a main clue in trading products in USA and nearby markets.

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